RV Insurance- Keeping Your Family Safe on the Road

RV insurance in Georgia is a mandated insurance to have on a vehicle that is classified as a recreational vehicle, or RV.  RV insurance is essential as it is used as a protection for the driver in the case of an accident. Many motorists that own RV’s- including motor homes and trailers- use them for traveling with their families, camping, vacationing and even full-time dwelling. Without insurance, you are putting yourself at risk not only of financial liability toward any property damage, death(s) or personal injury claims that come about as a result of an accident, but possible fines and imprisonment for being an uninsured driver on the road.

In the state of Georgia, the laws for vehicle insurance follow a “fault” car insurance system, which means that if a driver is found to be at fault, they are  liable for all damages that come as a result of that accident. The minimum liability insurance that you may purchase will cover up to $25,000 for death or injury of one person, $50,000 for coverage of more than one person in the same accident and up to $25,000 worth of property damage. This is the minimum that can be purchased, but there are other factors in place which may require you to purchase more, or may propel you to purchase more based on your circumstances. When purchasing the bare minimum in insurance coverage, factor in that if you are in an accident and any of the covered amounts are exceeded, you will be personally liable for the difference. This is why it is key to ensure that you have the proper amount of coverage in place on your RV.