Know More About Types of Health Insurance Plans

Nothing gives joy like knowing that your family’s medical bills are catered for, we all do not wish sickness on us or any member of our family but getting sick sometimes it just occurs. For this reason you should have a health insurance plan for your family and before to sign up for the plan you need to know the types of health insurance plans so you have a better understanding of the plan that will suit your family. Sometimes it is difficult choosing a best suitable health insurance plan but if you are lining in Marietta, GA, you can visit or contact LG Insurance Group to assist you will information or provide you with the health insurance plan. Below are some of health insurance plans you should know about;

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

This type of health insurance plan delivers health insurance services through network healthcare providers or facilities. It gives you a primary healthcare provider that handles the plan. It also has less paper work compared to other health plans. It also gives less freedom to choose your health care provider or facilities because you need a referral from the primary doctor first so you only see the healthcare provider recommended by the primary doctor.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

This type of health insurance plan also delivers services through healthcare provider network. But it gives you the moderate freedom to choose your healthcare provider and facility because you do not need a primary doctor to refer you to a specialist. But it involves more paperwork when you want to see an out of network doctor and also you will incur higher out of pocket cost when you see an out of network healthcare provider than when you see in-network providers. If you reside in Marietta, GA, you can consult LG Insurance Group about the plan that suits you between HMO and PPO