Does RV Insurance Protect Me When I Cross State Lines Our of Georgia?

The simple answer is yes but RV insurance provides so much more coverage than you think. That’s why you need the expertise of the team at LG Insurance Group.  They serve the needs of residents in the Marietta, GA area to help them get the protection that they need.  Hitting the road should be about adventure and exploration not concerns about whether or not you and your family are adequately protected should an accident occur.

Purchasing RV insurance is very similar to auto insurance. Most states require that you carry a minimum liability insurance, but you should talk with your agent about the most appropriate coverage for your RV. For instance, while a comprehensive policy covers accidents with another vehicle, they can also cover incidents of theft or vandalism. Comprehensive policies can also events such as those involving an animal, falling objects, fire and weather events. When you are far from home, having this level of protection can give you peace of mind. 

While your lien holder may stipulate the level of coverage that they require you to have, your agent will be able to access your situation and travel habits to provide expert insight into the amounts and types of coverage that would be most appropriate for you and your family. This can make the difference between a trip where memories are made with your family and a trip that you would rather forget.

The team at LG Insurance Group have long worked to ensure that RV owners in the Marietta, GA area have the coverage that they need. Give them a call today or stop by and talk with their knowledgeable agents. It’s time well spent.