Do You Know the First Thing You Should do After a Flood?

No one expects their home to flood so few have an actual plan for the immediate steps to take after a flood, and even fewer have an additional flood insurance policy to protect them from rising water. However, federally backed flood insurance is available for even those who live in the area but are not in a high risk flood plain.

The first step after flooding, no matter the size or cause, is to establish that your family and pets are all safe. Immediate dangers from flooding are more than drowning; there may be electrical currents running through the water and biological contaminants are also a danger to health.

After personal safety has been established remediation needs to be addressed immediately. It does not matter if the flood is caused by a leaking pipe with a few inches of water in the basement, or a catastrophic flood from the weather.  As soon as the water is noticed you should contact your insurance company and a flood remediation contractor. Time is money after water gets where it should not. The longer it stands, the more it travels into any wood and available passages which leads to higher chances of mold growth in the long run, which can diminish your family’s health and decrease home value. Remember that it is vital to hire a professional because even a small amount of water left in the wall or a damp carpet can mean mold growth and structural damage.

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