Why Valuable Items Need Special Insurance Coverage

Artwork, premium jewelry, antiques, and other items of high value need to have special insurance coverage. General homeowner’s insurance usually has modest limits for such items. Very valuable items need to have special insurance coverage. The best ways to have them covered properly is to get a current appraisal of their value and then consult with your insurance agent LG Insurance Group in Marietta, GA for an insurance update that creates specific coverage for these high-value items.

Each year thereafter, add a note to your calendar to conduct an annual insurance review to update the values of the coverage because in most cases, these valuable items have a tendency to increase in value.

Besides having a current appraisal from a recognized authority, it is a good idea to have video footage and photos of the items. Keeping the items secured properly is very important. Marking the items in a permanent way is also helpful in case the items are stolen as this will help in their identification for recovery.

The risk of theft for these valuable items is very high. The FBI reports that billions of dollars of artwork are stolen each year and only about 25% of it is ever recovered. The FBI maintains a National Stolen Art File (NSAF) for those wanting to learn more about what artwork has been stolen. This is a good resource to check if buying artwork that seems to have a questionable ownership history. If some art that you own is stolen, you can report the theft to the FBI to include the information in the national database. This may help in the recovery of stolen items as well.

Contact your agent at LG Insurance Group in Marietta, GA for an insurance review to make sure there is adequate coverage for high-value personal items.