What to Do When You Lose Employer Health Insurance

Health insurance is a tough thing to shop for these days. When you have insurance through an employer, you basically only have the option of getting what they provide to you. This makes it easy and it is something that you do not have to worry about. However, what happens when you lose your health insurance through an employer? This usually happens when you are no longer employed. In Marietta, GA, serviced by LG Insurance Group, you know you need to have health insurance but where do you start?

Health insurance is a necessity and you need to have it at all times. That means you have to act fast to get covered if you lose health insurance from your provider. The best thing you can do in this situation is to actually start looking at private health insurance options. If you go on the open market, you are very limited and are unlikely to find exactly what you need. With personal health insurance options, you have a lot more wiggle room and can get exactly what you need at a lower cost. You can start your search as soon as you know what you can afford and what you need in terms of health insurance. 

If you have recently lost your employer health insurance coverage, your first call should be to LG Insurance Group, serving Marietta, GA. We can help you find the perfect plan for you and can even help you shop around with a lot of different private companies. We will also make sure that the plan fits in your budget and that you can afford to use the health insurance that you are purchasing. If you do not know what you need, we can help you figure all of that out as well.