Which RV coverages should I consider when going out for vacation?

RVs were creatively designed for vacations. They are the perfect additions for your tours and trips in Marietta, GA where there are plenty of destinations to visit.  However, these homes on wheels come with critical financial responsibilities such as maintenance, insurance, and storage. At LG Insurance Group, we are all about helping you safeguard your investments, and that’s why we recommend having adequate RV insurance when out for vacation. So which coverages should you consider?

Roadside assistance

Travelling comes with many unforeseen mishaps that could happen in the middle of the road. That’s why most RV insurance companies include roadside assistance in case you get stuck in a remote area where there are no people to help.  This coverage helps provide emergency services such as towing and fixing your RV if it is a mechanical problem.

Property damage and bodily injury liability

It is almost impossible to go out on vacation without adequate liability. Whether you are using a travel trailer or a motorhome, you need liability coverage just in case you cause an accident, and other people get injured.

Personal effects coverage

RVs have enough storage spaces to keep your personal belongings and make you feel at home. For this reason, you may want to protect your valuable possessions by purchasing separate coverage for them. Most RV insurance policies in Marietta, GA cover your possessions, but it may not be adequate to cover and replace everything you own in case they are damaged or stolen.

Vacation liability

When out on vacation, you need comprehensive liability coverage to cover other aspects of your finances, such as hotels, parks, and airline tickets. If a trip is canceled due to weather, vacation liability can help you get your money refunded. The coverages also provide additional cover in case of accidents that occur where you are camping.

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