A Look At Some Common Misconceptions Regarding Flood Insurance

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Common Misconceptions Regarding Flood Insurance

As a Marietta GA resident, consider the benefits of flood insurance. Southern Weather is often unpredictable at times. During cases of severe weather, flood insurance provides you with peace of mind. The policy covers your physical property, as well as your personal items if they suffer damages caused by a flood. While you are researching policies, avoid some of these common flood insurance misconceptions.

Perhaps you have heard that the best time to search for coverage is before an impending storm. This is incorrect. Keep in mind that you’ll likely have to deal with a waiting period before your policy starts. If you are searching for coverage the same week that a storm is heading into the area, you’ll likely be left unprotected if your personal items are damaged. Consider looking for coverage during another part of the year when the weather is more stable.

You may have heard that flood insurance isn’t necessary depending on the area that you live in. Flood insurance is an asset regardless of what area in Georgia that you stay in. A natural disaster may occur at any moment in the South, which is why you need protection.

Another common misconception regarding flood insurance is that you can use your homeowners’ policy to cover any flood based damages to your property. This is incorrect. The only way to fully cover all of your belongings is through having a traditional flood insurance policy.

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