3 Uncommon Things to Look Out for with Your Home Insurance

Understanding Your Home Insurance

Your homeowner’s insurance may have some uncommon elements to it that you may not be aware of. Some situations that are covered for damages are usually not considered until they happen and it is discovered homeowners cover it. Your pets may damage a neighbors property or you need to relocate a wedding from your home to another location. These situations may be included in your policy. Speaking with a qualified agent is one way to get a better understanding of what is covered in your policy.

The agents at LG Insurance Group of Marietta, GA have years of experience helping people understand their homeowner’s insurance to get the most out of their policies. We can and answer your questions about uncommon things in your homeowner’s insurance.

Uncommon Things in Your Homeowners Insurance

  • Unauthorized Use of Credit Cards – Some homeowner’s policies will reimburse you for a certain amount if someone uses their debit or credit card without permission. Many people find this as a surprising addition to their policy.
  • Incidents Involving Pets – If your dog bites someone or damages property, your homeowner’s insurance may pay for hospital bills and expenses. Be sure to check with your provider and agent about coverage.
  • Loss of Use – This may apply if you have to relocate an event that was to be held at your property. The cost of relocating may be able to be claimed.

Expert Insurance in Georgia

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