Tips for Keeping Your Car in Peak Condition

Car repairs may cost you an arm and a leg if allowed to escalate.  As such, it is vital to be on the lookout for any faults that may break down your ride.  Here are a few tips to keep your car in peak condition;

Follow the servicing schedule
Servicing your car involves more than an oil change and filter replacements. A comprehensive vehicle service involves inspecting the vehicle thoroughly for signs of wear and tear and replacing the broken parts. Have an expert perform the servicing as they have the right tools and equipment. 

Keep your car clean
Keeping your car clean is not only about keeping it aesthetically appealing, but also keeping it in optimal working condition. A dirty car damages your paint and could even lead to engine failures. Regularly wash and wax your car’s exterior to preserve its value and extend its lifespan. Dirty windows significantly increase the chances of an accident as they reduce visibility. Keeping a car’s interior clean and litter free rids it of harmful bacteria. 
Have it insured
There are wear and tear costs that could be covered under your insurance policy, hence the need to have one. For instance, windscreen cracks and chips are mostly covered, although you might be asked to bear some of the cost. Leaving small chips unattended ultimately leads to large cracks. Such can result in an MOT failure especially if the crack is on the A-zone. Besides, having an insurance policy ensures that you are covered should your car be damaged in an accident. 

Looking to have your vehicle insured in Marietta, GA? Contact the LG Insurance Group for a free estimate. We work with experienced agents who will guide on the ideal coverage options for your vehicle. 

What Type of Auto Insurance Do You Need in Marietta, Georgia?

Throughout the state of Georgia, the minimum type of auto insurance that is necessary to legally operate a motorized vehicle is liability insurance. Protecting yourself while driving is essential to avoid losing your license or being charged with a misdemeanor, which is possible if you are pulled over by police without proper insurance registered to your vehicle. Obtaining insurance can be done with the help of our professional insurance specialists at LG Insurance Group, serving Marietta, GA.

Whether you are prepared to opt for comprehensive and full auto insurance to protect both you and other drivers on the road or if you are looking to get liability insurance to keep from potential lawsuits, we are here to assist through the process. When you have liability insurance, your own vehicle and protection is not granted, but you are able to avoid financial debt if you are involved in an auto accident with other motorists that may have been harmed or have had damage done to their vehicles. We offer a wide range of coverage options that serve Marietta, Georgia, regardless of your current financial situation and what you are able to afford to protect yourself and your vehicle anytime you are on the road. We facilitate the process of obtaining insurance while guaranteeing you are protected in the system after you have registered a vehicle and want to begin driving to avoid potential penalties.

For more information and to get the necessary insurance you need for you and your family in Marietta, GA, get in touch with our agents at LG Insurance Group today to get started immediately.

Why You Need Higher Auto Liability Limits

When deciding which auto liability limits to select on your auto insurance policy, your premium should be secondary.  Your primary thought in selecting your liability limits should be protecting your assets and yourself from potential legal liability and avoid exposing yourself to costly lawsuits or judgments.  Minimum insurance limits should only be selected if that is truly all you can afford.  Once your budget allows, be sure to increase your limits and also consider purchasing an umbrella policy.  It is not as expensive as you may think and it could save you during a claim!


How Your Auto Insurance Policy Stacks Up in Marietta

When you choose one auto insurance policy, you’re not committing yourself forever to that particular type of coverage. On the contrary, auto insurance is fluid because it has to be. When you need an updated policy, it can conform to a new car, new neighborhood or even just new priorities. See how yours stacks up if you live in Marietta, GA. 

Keeping It Real 

Your insurance policy is probably not as inclusive as you think. If you were hit by a driver who cowardly sped off into the distance before you knew what had even happened, you might reach to call your insurance company. But most policies don’t include hit-and-runs. If you chose the bare minimums when it came to your policy and you cause more than $25,000 in property damage in an accident, you’ll be on the hook for the extra money after the limit has been reached. Without knowing these details, people can often feel like they’re more protected than they are. Just because a cop can’t take you to jail because you technically have what you need to be legally on the road, it doesn’t mean that you have enough to keep yourself financially secure. 

LG Insurance Group Can Help You 

It’s our agency’s job to make the people of Marietta, GA more comfortable with their auto insurance, so call us today if you’re feeling like your policy doesn’t quite stack up to where it needs to be. This is the time to get answers to your questions about what’s covered and how it will impact your monthly budget. LG Insurance Group knows that this type of long-term planning is what can save people’s bank accounts when it counts the most. Call us today to find out more!

Why Auto Insurance Premiums are Increasing

Allstate grabbed Georgia headlines last May with less than favorable news that one of their auto insurance programs would be raising premiums by an average of 25%.  This is much higher than what we are seeing within our markets, however, we are seeing increases by all carriers this year.  The most common or typical increase we are seeing is about 9 to 10%.  Given the significant premium changes, we wanted to share what is driving this trend through this infographic.  All of these factors may not be in our control, however, a few are such as the ever distracted driver.  How many drivers do you see every day talking or texting on their phone?  Be sure that you are not one of these drivers and be an example for your family and friends.  Whatever small part we can play to mitigate traffic fatalities and losses will help us all.

What can you do today to alleviate an increase you recently experienced?  Compare – Compare – Compare! With multiple markets at our disposal, we would love to help you find out just how much you may be able to save.  Contact us today!


Buying a Used Car for the Family? Here are a few Tips

You’ve decided to invest in a new vehicle for your family, but you already know going to the lot and buying a brand new one is not an option. Good news is that you can easily go to the lot and buy a used car for much cheaper, and they often feature the exact same technology used in today’s latest cars.  Not only will buying used help lower your insurance premiums, but it will also lead to a lower monthly car payment than you would have if you purchased new.

The first thing you’ll want to think about when buying a car for the family is the amount of seating it has. After all, if you have four or more kiddos, your vehicle options will include vans, trucks, and SUVs.  After you have decided how many seats you want the car to have, you can then move on to taking into account the safety features.  Some of the best are:

  • Adaptive headlights
  • Adaptive cruising
  • Air bags

You will also find it helpful to conduct a bit of online research before you head out car shopping.  Asking friends, family, and co-workers for their recommendations on buying a car can also be valuable to the buying process. The more information and reviews you read about the cars you’re thinking about buying, the better.

If you have any questions about buying new or used, including inquiries about insurance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to LG Insurance Group in Marietta, GA today. With a qualified agent on the other end of the phone, you can take comfort in knowing you’re being provided sound advice.

Does your Personal Auto Insurance Extend to Rental Cars?

2013 Fall 033Generally speaking, the answer to this question is yes.  Of course, nothing can ever be as simple as yes or no, so there are key considerations as well as exceptions to this answer.

First, the broadest coverage on your auto insurance is what will apply to a rental vehicle.  So, if you do not have Comprehensive or Collision coverage on any of your insured vehicles, then these coverages will not extend to a rental vehicle.

Second, the vehicle you are renting needs to be considered a private passenger auto.  Typically, this would exclude any commercial vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, boats, etc.  So the next time you rent a U-Haul truck for moving across town, you should add their insurance coverage.

Third, there are territorial restrictions on your auto policy.  Most auto policies will cover you while you are in the United States or Canada.  However, outside of these countries, your auto policy will not apply.

Fourth, for your personal auto policy to extend coverage, then the vehicle needs to be rented for personal use, and not business use.  If you need to rent a vehicle due to your job or for any business reason, your employer or a business auto policy would need to extend coverage to your rented vehicle.

Lastly, of course, always check with your insurance agent or carrier.  Each company has a slightly unique policy so you want to ensure you are covered before you start driving the rental vehicle.

So what if you run into one of the exceptions and your auto policy will not extend to a rental vehicle?  Here are some possible alternatives to explore.

First, research your credit cards.  Many credit car companies offer a benefit to provide auto insurance to a rental vehicle if you use their card to pay for it.  Be sure to call your credit car company for their exact requirements and specifications before you rent the vehicle.  For example, if you are traveling to Ireland, the insurance requirements are more unique than in other countries, so only a limited number of credit car companies offer coverage necessary to cover rentals there.

Second, consider travel insurance.  Travel insurance providers can include rental vehicle insurance as part of their overall coverage package.

Finally, you always have the option of purchasing the insurance directly from the rental car company.  Though we would all like to avoid the additional hefty fees for this, there will be times when this may be your only option.

Northern Exposure: Is Road Rage Different By Region?

Unfortunately, the Southern hospitality that our region is known for does not extend to the road.  According to a study by AutoVantage , Atlanta was the only city to be in the top 5 cities for the highest incident of road rage in 2013 as well as 2014.  We earned the angry driver reputation by being most likely to hit another vehicle on purpose, as well as being home to the most speeders and tailgaters.

Motorists all over the nation are at risk to be the victim of a road rage incident.  The study did find that road rage was not specific to one region of the country, though links can be found to heavy congestion and long drives.  These occurrences are becoming more and more common and more and more dangerous. As smart drivers, it is imperative that we do not let an instance of being cut off by an over-zealous driver escalate to a life or death stand-off.

Quiet as it is kept the overwhelming majority of us have engaged in some level of this deadly culprit. Whether it be a glare, a toot on the horn or a menacing tail for a few seconds many of us have found ourselves on the offensive within a road rage engagement. Add the inclement weather variables for the northern part of the country and the elixir can be toxic.

The overall slower pace and courteous gestures that make the South noteworthy needs to transition to our road manners. The line is drawn here at the outset, and the road rage door cannot be opened. You never know what someone else has gone through in that day, and it is safer to chalk the encounter up to the great stroke of luck that no one was injured.

Knowing that you are fully insured is a load off that helps to keep all motor vehicle encounters in the proper light. So even if an accident occurs you are covered. Consulting with the knowledgeable staff at LG Insurance Group is a great step in the right direction. Serving Marietta GA as well as all of northern metro Atlanta with valuable insurance packages for Personal, Life, Home and Auto we have your peace of mind at our fingertips.

Drivers, Local Authorities Deal with Tough Winter’s Potholes

Trusted Choice® survey shows about 50% of U.S. car owners report vehicle pothole damage.    

Poor road conditions have cost consumers and the insurance industry at least $27 billion over a five year period, according to a 2014 survey commissioned by Trusted Choice® and the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA or the Big “I”). The survey also reveals that from 2009 to 2014 half of car owners experienced damage to their vehicles as a result of potholes. As millions of Americans encounter potholes as the rough winter wraps, Trusted Choice® urges drivers to be cautious now and as repairs continue.

The snow, ice and freezing rain during the rough winter months left their mark on our roads in metro Atlanta and across the country.  Severe potholes have led to accidents which may impact insurance rates, as premiums are determined by past claims, accidents and driving violations. Potholes and poor road conditions aren’t just an inconvenience, they are an expensive and dangerous result of harsh winters.

The pothole survey also found that 31% of car owners who reported pothole damage to their vehicles filed a claim with their insurance company. A surprising 65% of respondents who needed repairs said they (or a third party) paid out of pocket for the vehicle to be fixed. Only about 3% said local authorities stepped in to foot the bill. For about 40% of respondents, that bill was more than $500.

This survey highlights how widespread the pothole problem is on our roadways and that the costs are enormous to both the insurance industry and to consumers.  And now, local authorities are struggling to keep up with the extensive road repairs.

While motorists in the Midwest, Northeast and North Central regions of the country reported the most pothole damage, surprisingly the numbers were not that different even in the Southern and Western regions which typically experience milder winters.

Trusted Choice® independent agents offer the following tips to motorists to help avoid costly damage from potholes and stay safe as they hit the roads after a tough winter:

Pothole safety tips:

  • Keep an eye on traffic patterns. A number of cars that slows down or move quickly to other lanes may be a sign of major potholes or road damage ahead.
  • Avoid the urge to swerve out of the way of a pothole at the last minute. You may swerve into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Risking damage to your car is wiser than risking the loss of your life or that of another person.
  • Report potholes to your state or local transportation department. Some states and localities have pothole hotlines. Motorists who think their state or local government will pay for damage to their cars may be out of luck. Laws in this area vary by jurisdiction and, even where such remedies are available, conditions may apply such as a requirement that the jurisdiction had notice of the pothole.
  • If you hit a pothole and suspect damage, pull over as soon as it is safe. If you notice damage, record details and specific damage—just as you would in the event of a collision with another motorist—in case you need to file an insurance claim.
  • Check in at least annually with your independent insurance agent to ensure that you have the right coverage.

The pothole survey was conducted for Trusted Choice® and the Big “I” by MFour Mobile Research, Inc. using MFour’s Surveys on the Go® Smartphone Application Panel which includes Apple and Android mobile device users. MFour is an independent research company headquartered in Costa Mesa, California. Interviews of a nationally representative sample of 2,565 U.S. car owners were conducted in June 2014 and weighted by age and gender to represent the general U.S. population over age 18. More information about MFour can be obtained at

How long do you have to add a newly purchased car to your auto insurance?

Generally speaking, most insurers provide either 14 or 30 days, for a current policyholder to notify them of a newly purchased vehicle.  This coverage extension, however, only applies for the broadest coverage which is applicable to one of your currently insured vehicles.  Therefore, if none of your vehicles currently have physical damage coverages (comprehensive and/or collision), then you should be sure to notify your insurer before you drive that brand new car off the dealer’s lot.

The majority of policyholders do have at least one vehicle with physical damage coverage, so then you can rest easy if you make that new purchase over a weekend and wait until the next business day to notify your insurer.

Since you have up to 30 days to notify  your insurer, does this mean you should wait this long?  No.  First, all insurers have slightly different policies.  There have been smaller or regional companies that may only give you 3 days to notify them of a new purchase.  Second, if given proper notice, your insurer should add the vehicle as of the purchase date, otherwise, you could receive a penalty from your lender or your State for being uninsured.  So, you will not save any money by delaying the notification.  Finally, it is always best to avoid the more complicated scenario of having an accident or loss with a car that your insurer has not yet added to the policy.