Knowing Your Rights Abroad

LG Insurance Group can help you to get coverage for driving in the US, and there are insurance providers out there who can even offer liability on rental cars when you’re overseas. However, you will also need to learn how to navigate the legal realities of visiting another country. Most importantly, you need to know your rights should you be ticketed, fined or even arrested.

Know How to Contact the US Embassy

Make a note of the address and phone number of the US Embassy hosted by your destination. Do this before you arrive. If you get into trouble, the US Embassy is there to help. Visit the US Embassy once you arrive, learn the names of the people you’ll need to talk to if you get into trouble, and get a list of English speaking lawyers in the area.

The First Amendment is Not Universal

In Ethiopia, a journalist is currently spending eighteen years in jail for speaking out against the government’s detainment of suspected terrorists. If you get a ticket or are fined or have other legal issues, you might want to be careful about how, when, and to whom you choose to speak out unless you know that you’re staying somewhere where you are allowed to criticize the government and law enforcement.

Nobody Wants an International Incident

If you feel that you are being mistreated by your host country’s government over a minor traffic violation, the next best thing to the US Embassy is the global media. People who are subjected to abuse by foreign governments are usually people who are seen as political opponents, you’re not likely to be targeted for rights violations because you didn’t use your turn signal. But, if a situation gets out of hand, using the media to draw attention to your situation may benefit you.