3 Reasons To Choose a Low-Deductible Home Insurance Policy

Your insurance deductible is the maximum amount you have to pay out-of-pocket before your policy takes over. Many homeowners believe high-deductible insurance plans are a better strategy. High-deductible policies do require a lower monthly premium, but they aren’t always the best choice. If your home is in the Marietta, GA area, LG Insurance Group suggests that you consider a low-deductible home insurance plan for these 3 reasons.

  • Protect your savings. If an accident, fire, theft, or natural disaster ruin your home, you’ll have to pay the deductible costs before your insurance issues a check. High-deductible plans mean you’ll be stuck with exorbitant out-of-pocket expenses that could drain your savings before an adjustor will even consider your claim. A lower deductible plan means you won’t have to part with all of your cash in case of an emergency.
  • You do realize small monthly savings by choosing a high-deductible plan. However, the amount you save each month is minimal. If you aren’t investing that money in a high-return account, it would probably be better to pay the higher premium. That way, you can be sure you’re prepared for adverse events.
  • Higher deductible home insurance coverage may be light on protection. Since insurance companies don’t make as much on these policies, they don’t offer the same level of protection that other subscribers may enjoy. If you want more than basic home insurance coverage, talk to your insurance agent about the difference between high and low-deductible policies.

LG Insurance Group provides home insurance packages for residents in the Marietta, GA area. Contact us to discuss your home insurance deductible needs.

Does a small fishing boat need insurance?

If you just bought a small fishing boat to take around the lakes and rivers surrounding Marietta, GA, you’re probably wondering if you need to call LG Insurance Group and get a policy on your new ride.

The short answer is: You might not. It depends on how small of a boat we’re talking here, of course. Essentially the question you need to consider is whether or not it could do any damage in an accident, and what you stand to lose if something happens to it. If you’re just rowing a little two hundred dollar inflatable raft, then there’s not much reason to worry about getting it insured. You’re not hitting any speeds that will hurt other boats in an accident or damage a pier or anything.

You may want to think about liability coverage if you’re taking other people out in your boat, but standard boat insurance is there to cover a boat in the same way auto insurance covers your car. If you can afford to repair or fix your boat out of pocket and it doesn’t have a motor in it, then there’s not much that can go wrong that will demand insurance.

But, you need to be honest with yourself here. If you spent a pretty penny on your boat, if it’s motorized, then you need to do yourself a favor and call LG Insurance Group and get covered. No matter how safe you are at piloting your boat, you never know what can happen on your next voyage, so be prepared for whatever may come your way as you explore the waters of Marietta, GA.

Why Valuable Items Need Special Insurance Coverage

Artwork, premium jewelry, antiques, and other items of high value need to have special insurance coverage. General homeowner’s insurance usually has modest limits for such items. Very valuable items need to have special insurance coverage. The best ways to have them covered properly is to get a current appraisal of their value and then consult with your insurance agent LG Insurance Group in Marietta, GA for an insurance update that creates specific coverage for these high-value items.

Each year thereafter, add a note to your calendar to conduct an annual insurance review to update the values of the coverage because in most cases, these valuable items have a tendency to increase in value.

Besides having a current appraisal from a recognized authority, it is a good idea to have video footage and photos of the items. Keeping the items secured properly is very important. Marking the items in a permanent way is also helpful in case the items are stolen as this will help in their identification for recovery.

The risk of theft for these valuable items is very high. The FBI reports that billions of dollars of artwork are stolen each year and only about 25% of it is ever recovered. The FBI maintains a National Stolen Art File (NSAF) for those wanting to learn more about what artwork has been stolen. This is a good resource to check if buying artwork that seems to have a questionable ownership history. If some art that you own is stolen, you can report the theft to the FBI to include the information in the national database. This may help in the recovery of stolen items as well.

Contact your agent at LG Insurance Group in Marietta, GA for an insurance review to make sure there is adequate coverage for high-value personal items.

Why You Should Have Boat Insurance

Many states don’t require that you have boating insurance, unlike auto insurance, but it’s a good idea to have it. Boats are not cheap, and if you get in a boating accident not only will you be responsible for any injuries, but also you likely won’t have money to fix your boat or replace it.

Even though you don’t have to have boat insurance in Marietta, GA many marinas may require insurance. If you enter your boat into any sort of event, you will probably have to show proof of insurance as well. Also, if you have a loan on your boat, then your bank may also require you have insurance. In addition to being required to carry boat insurance, there are other reasons you want to have boat insurance.

Lawsuits can happen and, if you are involved in one, your boat insurance policy will cover you so you can afford a lawyer. A policy can also help cover any damages that you have to pay.

Even if you are not involved in a boating accident, your boat can be damaged in a number of different ways and you want to protect your investment. A storm, a fire or an act of vandalism could damage your boat. Even if your boat is damaged outside of the water, your boat insurance will still cover it and it’s likely your boat will spend a lot of time in storage, where anything small could cause damage.

Insurance not only protects you but your passengers as well. Many policies will cover liability and medical payments for those onboard. Check with your agent at LG Insurance Group.

Many boaters choose to take boating education in Marietta, GA in order to reduce their insurance rates. Your homeowner’s insurance policy won’t cover your boat. Contact an agent at LG Insurance Group to find a boat insurance policy.

Do You Know the First Thing You Should do After a Flood?

No one expects their home to flood so few have an actual plan for the immediate steps to take after a flood, and even fewer have an additional flood insurance policy to protect them from rising water. However, federally backed flood insurance is available for even those who live in the area but are not in a high risk flood plain.

The first step after flooding, no matter the size or cause, is to establish that your family and pets are all safe. Immediate dangers from flooding are more than drowning; there may be electrical currents running through the water and biological contaminants are also a danger to health.

After personal safety has been established remediation needs to be addressed immediately. It does not matter if the flood is caused by a leaking pipe with a few inches of water in the basement, or a catastrophic flood from the weather.  As soon as the water is noticed you should contact your insurance company and a flood remediation contractor. Time is money after water gets where it should not. The longer it stands, the more it travels into any wood and available passages which leads to higher chances of mold growth in the long run, which can diminish your family’s health and decrease home value. Remember that it is vital to hire a professional because even a small amount of water left in the wall or a damp carpet can mean mold growth and structural damage.

Contact us at LG Insurance Group, if you are in or around Marietta, GA for more information about what you need to cover your home  in case of a flood or water damage.  LG Insurance Group can provide you with quality flood insurance in Marietta and the surrounding areas.

Does RV Insurance Protect Me When I Cross State Lines Our of Georgia?

The simple answer is yes but RV insurance provides so much more coverage than you think. That’s why you need the expertise of the team at LG Insurance Group.  They serve the needs of residents in the Marietta, GA area to help them get the protection that they need.  Hitting the road should be about adventure and exploration not concerns about whether or not you and your family are adequately protected should an accident occur.

Purchasing RV insurance is very similar to auto insurance. Most states require that you carry a minimum liability insurance, but you should talk with your agent about the most appropriate coverage for your RV. For instance, while a comprehensive policy covers accidents with another vehicle, they can also cover incidents of theft or vandalism. Comprehensive policies can also events such as those involving an animal, falling objects, fire and weather events. When you are far from home, having this level of protection can give you peace of mind. 

While your lien holder may stipulate the level of coverage that they require you to have, your agent will be able to access your situation and travel habits to provide expert insight into the amounts and types of coverage that would be most appropriate for you and your family. This can make the difference between a trip where memories are made with your family and a trip that you would rather forget.

The team at LG Insurance Group have long worked to ensure that RV owners in the Marietta, GA area have the coverage that they need. Give them a call today or stop by and talk with their knowledgeable agents. It’s time well spent.

Who is Required to Buy Flood Insurance?

In most cases, buying flood insurance is something that is highly recommended but optional. However, in a few cases, you may be required to purchase flood insurance. At LG Insurance Group, serving the Marietta, GA area, our customers ask us when and if they are required to buy flood insurance. Here are the groups of people that are required to purchase flood insurance. 

Your Loan is Backed By the US Government and You Live in a High-Risk Flood Zone

If your loan is backed by the US government and you live in a high-risk flood zone, you will be required to purchase flood insurance. This is a mandate required by FEMA. You will be made well aware of this and will be required to submit the insurance paperwork before you can close on the house. 

Your Mortgage Lender Requires You to Carry Flood Insurance

Another reason you may be required to buy flood insurance is that your lender requires it. In some situations, lenders, especially smaller credit unions or financial institutions, may require you to purchase flood insurance. If the lender requires it, it will be included in your loan paperwork and there is no way to get out of it unless you change lenders or pay your loan off. 

Your Landlord Requires You to Carry Flood Insurance

The last reason you may be required to carry flood insurance is that your landlord requires it. Renters can purchase flood insurance. And depending on where you live, landlords may require you to purchase both renters insurance and flood insurance. 

The above groups of people are legally required to carry flood insurance. Even if you are not required to, it is highly recommended you do. When you are ready to begin getting quotes for or purchasing flood insurance, contact LG Insurance Group, serving the greater Marietta, GA area. 

How to Build an Umbrella Insurance Policy

People are fully aware that they need to be covered by Insurance. While most people believe that having auto and home insurance is enough, some actually need additional insurance coverage. For those, umbrella insurance could be the best option as it will give you additional personal insurance coverage.  When you are looking to put an umbrella insurance policy together, there are several factors to take into consideration.

Current Levels of Coverage

When you are trying to figure out your umbrella insurance needs, the first factor to consider is what your current level of liability coverage is. If you have an auto insurance and a home insurance policy you will have some personal liability coverage. It is important to consider what the limits of this coverage area. If the limits are low, an additional umbrella policy will provide you with more coverage if you are found liable during an auto accident or if someone is injured in your home. 

Personal Assets

When you are figuring out your umbrella insurance needs, it is also important to consider what your personal assets are.  If you are sued in court and lose the case, the plaintiff could try and take all of your personal assets.  If you have a substantial amount of assets, it would be very beneficial to protect them with an umbrella insurance policy.

When you are looking for additional insurance, it would be a good idea to reach out to the LG Insurance Group to help put together an umbrella insurance policy.  The LG Insurance Group is a consumer insurance agency that serves customers in Marietta, GA and the surrounding areas.  When meeting with the insurance agency, Marietta, GA area residents will receive consultation on their insurance needs and what level of umbrella coverage is necessary.  



What a Record Setting Hurricane Season Teaches Us About Umbrella Insurance

Living in Marietta, GA, you don’t typically find yourself worrying about disastrous weather. In a crazy turn of events, Atlanta sustained more damage from Hurricane Irma than many parts of Florida. While the bulk of the south is reeling to get everything back in order, LG Insurance Group wants to make sure you know all of the ways to protect yourself in the future. One way that is often overlooked is umbrella insurance. Here are lessons we can learn from Harvey and Irma to make better insurance decisions.

Property Is Hazardous

Typically, umbrella insurance is recommended if you have abnormal hazards on your property. Swimming pools and large trampolines are the most common cases. In a major hurricane, roughly anything on your property can become significantly hazardous. Now, there are laws in place to protect you from the majority of ways people can be hurt on or by your property in catastrophic weather. That said, there are issues that slip through the gap. Most notably, if it can be determined that you didn’t properly secure something that causes an injury, you could be liable. This is the whole point of umbrella insurance. Remember, though, that not all policies are created equally. Double check specific coverage and limits before you sign for anything.

Exotic Liability Happens

In addition to the fact that a hurricane on the scale of Harvey or Irma can turn your home into a weapon, the chaos from major hurricanes creates countless unique cases. Standard insurance policies are designed to cover standard events, so exotic cases almost always exist outside of policy arrangements. It is for these types of cases that umbrella insurance exists.

Attempts to Help Can Go Wrong

Even if you live outside typical disaster zones, you can still find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit. As sad as it is, relief efforts don’t always go to plan, and in some cases they can cause more harm than good. Good Samaritan laws exist to protect genuine efforts to help from retaliation, but they can fall short. If you are organizing major relief help, you should consider special liability insurance to make sure an honest mistake doesn’t turn into financial ruin.

You can do more than just protect your Marietta, GA, home from atypical liability claims. Talk with a representative at LG Insurance Group and we’ll make sure you have holistic coverage for every concern.

Know More About Types of Health Insurance Plans

Nothing gives joy like knowing that your family’s medical bills are catered for, we all do not wish sickness on us or any member of our family but getting sick sometimes it just occurs. For this reason you should have a health insurance plan for your family and before to sign up for the plan you need to know the types of health insurance plans so you have a better understanding of the plan that will suit your family. Sometimes it is difficult choosing a best suitable health insurance plan but if you are lining in Marietta, GA, you can visit or contact LG Insurance Group to assist you will information or provide you with the health insurance plan. Below are some of health insurance plans you should know about;

Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)

This type of health insurance plan delivers health insurance services through network healthcare providers or facilities. It gives you a primary healthcare provider that handles the plan. It also has less paper work compared to other health plans. It also gives less freedom to choose your health care provider or facilities because you need a referral from the primary doctor first so you only see the healthcare provider recommended by the primary doctor.

Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

This type of health insurance plan also delivers services through healthcare provider network. But it gives you the moderate freedom to choose your healthcare provider and facility because you do not need a primary doctor to refer you to a specialist. But it involves more paperwork when you want to see an out of network doctor and also you will incur higher out of pocket cost when you see an out of network healthcare provider than when you see in-network providers. If you reside in Marietta, GA, you can consult LG Insurance Group about the plan that suits you between HMO and PPO