Preparing Your Home for Emergencies

No matter where a person resides, emergencies happen. Residents in Marietta, GA and the surrounding region need to prepare in the event of a serious storm or other condition that may affect their homes. Although nothing is 100-percent effective at protecting a home, certain precautions will reduce damages to the home and inconveniences to the family.

1. Create an Emergency Kit
Residents don’t want to find themselves without adequate food and supplies if they find themselves trapped inside their homes for several days. It’s important to have a stock of bottled water, nonperishable food items, flashlights with batteries, extra food for pets, at least an extra week’s worth of medications, matches and a radio.
2. Storm-Proof Windows
When high winds happen and debris flies through the air, it puts a person at risk for the windows in the home shattering. It’s potentially hazardous for individuals and pets in the home. Not to mention, the price of replacing windows isn’t cheap, nor is it cheap to replace any damage done from water entering the home through the broken window or the damage the debris did. Homeowners should cover their windows with plywood or storm shutters. Residents should install straps onto the roof in order to secure the shingles. Reinforcing the garbage can protect the homeowner from paying the deductible in order to replace the door.

3. Get the Right Insurance
Whether a homeowner is living without homeowner’s insurance or doesn’t have adequate insurance, the devastation of an emergency can financially ruin a person. It’s possible that the individual may not even have a place to live for this reason. Instead of waiting for an incident to occur, a homeowner should plan in advance and get the right insurance.

To set up or adjust a policy or learn more about preparing for emergencies, homeowners should contact LG Insurance Group, serving Marietta and the surrounding, at 678-671-8480.