The Importance of Carrying RV Insurance Even When Your RV Is Not Being Used

One of the biggest misconceptions that we at LG Insurance Group, an insurance company providing RV insurance in the Marietta, GA area, have heard is that you do not need RV insurance if you are not using your RV. As such, many people drop coverage on their RV when they do not plan to travel for prolonged periods, such as during the winter. However, carrying RV insurance year-round can be beneficial even if your RV is being stored. Here are a couple of the reasons why. 

RV Insurance May Protect Your RV When It Is Being Stored

RV insurance coverage helps protect you in case your RV is damaged while being stored. If a tree limb falls on the RV, someone vandalizes the RV, or the RV floods, your RV insurance policy may help to cover the cost of the damage done to the RV. Issues can arise, even when your RV is being stored. 

RV Insurance Allows You to Travel When You Want

Another reason why you should carry RV insurance is so that you can use your RV at all times. You may not be planning a trip anytime soon, but you never know what could happen. The weather may be perfect, and you may want to take a quick trip. Having RV insurance ensures you can always operate and move your RV. 

If you do not have insurance coverage on your RV, are looking to purchase a new RV, or are interested in a new RV insurance policy, the insurance agents at LG Insurance Group, serving the greater Marietta, GA region, would love to help you get the perfect RV insurance policy. Reach out to us today to learn more.