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Other Insurance in Georgia

At LG Insurance Group, we strive to help residents of Georgia with all of their insurance needs. One of the ways we do this is by helping people find umbrella insurance, which is used to compliment underlying policies. We also have a variety of specialty insurance options. If you live in Georgia, one of our independent insurance agents can help you find the insurance coverage you need – whether you need umbrella insurance or another type of insurance.

Umbrella Insurance

We often recommend umbrella insurance when individuals need more coverage than most primary insurance policies provide. Umbrella policies are considered supplemental policies, which give additional coverage beyond what the underlying primary policies afford. They can be used with almost any kind of insurance policy, such as homeowners, auto, boat, and RV insurance. An umbrella insurance policy may be used in conjunction with one of these or several of them and these are just a few examples of what underlying policies may be.

Umbrella insurance enhances your insurance coverage in two possible ways. First, an umbrella policy may extend the limits of underlying coverage. Second, it may fill in coverage gaps that the underlying policies don’t protect against.

Personal Articles Insurance

If you want additional insurance protection for a specific article, we may be able to help you insure that specific item. Personal articles insurance can provide coverage for some of your most valuable belongings such as jewelry, personal computers, fine china, and similar items. This type of insurance is helpful if your homeowners, condo, or renters insurance has exclusions or limits that prevent the policy from fully insuring your expensive possessions.

You may be able to find coverage for your personal articles through either homeowner's insurance or personal articles insurance. If you need coverage for a few specific items, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each kind of insurance and we can pull quotes for each. We’ll make sure you appreciate the differences and know how much each kind of insurance costs. This way you can select the best option.

Boat/Watercraft, Motorcycle and RV Insurance

If you have a boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle or RV, we strongly recommend insuring it. If you’re interested in umbrella insurance and have one of these, an umbrella policy might require you to maintain a boat/watercraft, motorcycle, or RV insurance policy as one of your primary insurance policies. Even if you aren’t considering umbrella insurance, you should still consider insuring your boat, Jet Ski, motorcycle, or RV.

Flood Insurance

Flood insurance is different from personal articles, boat/watercraft, motorcycle, or RV insurance. Instead of insuring a specific thing, flood insurance provides protection against a specific risk: floods. If you live near one of Georgia’s many lakes or rivers, or the coast, flood insurance could protect your home or condo against a peril that’s often excluded from home and condo insurance policies.

Independent Insurance Agents

No matter which of these kinds of insurance you’re interested in, our independent insurance agents can help you find some of the lowest rates possible. To reach one of our agents, contact us through our website or call us on the phone.

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