Does your Personal Auto Insurance Extend to Rental Cars?

2013 Fall 033Generally speaking, the answer to this question is yes.  Of course, nothing can ever be as simple as yes or no, so there are key considerations as well as exceptions to this answer.

First, the broadest coverage on your auto insurance is what will apply to a rental vehicle.  So, if you do not have Comprehensive or Collision coverage on any of your insured vehicles, then these coverages will not extend to a rental vehicle.

Second, the vehicle you are renting needs to be considered a private passenger auto.  Typically, this would exclude any commercial vehicles, motorcycles, RVs, boats, etc.  So the next time you rent a U-Haul truck for moving across town, you should add their insurance coverage.

Third, there are territorial restrictions on your auto policy.  Most auto policies will cover you while you are in the United States or Canada.  However, outside of these countries, your auto policy will not apply.

Fourth, for your personal auto policy to extend coverage, then the vehicle needs to be rented for personal use, and not business use.  If you need to rent a vehicle due to your job or for any business reason, your employer or a business auto policy would need to extend coverage to your rented vehicle.

Lastly, of course, always check with your insurance agent or carrier.  Each company has a slightly unique policy so you want to ensure you are covered before you start driving the rental vehicle.

So what if you run into one of the exceptions and your auto policy will not extend to a rental vehicle?  Here are some possible alternatives to explore.

First, research your credit cards.  Many credit car companies offer a benefit to provide auto insurance to a rental vehicle if you use their card to pay for it.  Be sure to call your credit car company for their exact requirements and specifications before you rent the vehicle.  For example, if you are traveling to Ireland, the insurance requirements are more unique than in other countries, so only a limited number of credit car companies offer coverage necessary to cover rentals there.

Second, consider travel insurance.  Travel insurance providers can include rental vehicle insurance as part of their overall coverage package.

Finally, you always have the option of purchasing the insurance directly from the rental car company.  Though we would all like to avoid the additional hefty fees for this, there will be times when this may be your only option.

ATV Basics for First Timers in Marietta, GA

Driving an all-terrain vehicle is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature and the beautiful outdoors. If you’ve never used an ATV before, you may not have any idea where to start when it comes to using this vehicle in a safe and proper manner. Here are a few tips that will aid all you first timers in Marietta, GA.

Purchase a Basic ATV

Many first timers are tempted to purchase an ATV with an incredibly powerful engine and plenty of cool features. It is in your best interest to resist this temptation as much as possible and purchase a basic machine as your very first ATV. Since you don’t have much experience driving ATVs, it is very likely that you will experience trouble controlling this vehicle. In fact, it is possible that the ATV will overpower you. Don’t purchase an ATV with an engine that is more powerful than 400cc.

Wear Safety Gear

Just as you would with a motorcycle, you should wear safety gear whenever you use your ATV. Some protective gear you should always wear when driving an ATV include motorcycle goggles, a jacket, long pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and a motorcycle helmet. If you’re very inexperienced, it wouldn’t hurt to wear knee guards, wrist guards, elbow guards, and other safety gear.

Think About Your ATV

After spending a small fortune on an ATV, the last thing you want is for it to get stolen or damaged. In order to prevent the theft of your ATV, you should store it in your garage. If you don’t have room in your garage, you can use a metal chain to secure your ATV. Whether you store your ATV inside or outside, you should use a nondescript tarp to cover the machine. Consider purchasing insurance for your ATV.

If you want to purchase an insurance policy for your ATV, contact the LG Insurance Group, which serves the Marietta, GA area, for more information.