Is Water Backup covered by my Homeowner’s Policy?

Water and Sewer Backup coverage is one of the more important optional coverages that you should consider adding to your homeowner’s insurance policy.  The infographic below shows how some common water losses are handled by Safeco Insurance.  It details how certain water (backup) losses are handled by their base homeowner’s policy, an optional endorsement for Water/Sewer Backup, or excluded entirely.  While you always need to check your specific policy and insurer, these examples are common across many carriers.





Is Chimney Repair Covered By Home Insurance?

Chimney repairs can be costly. As such, if you find out that your chimney is in need of repair, you may be wondering if it is covered by home insurance or not. Unfortunately, the answer is not clear cut. Some types of repairs are covered, while others are not. Here is the information you need to know if you need a chimney repair.

What Chimney Repairs Does Home Insurance Cover?

If your chimney needs a repair due to a natural disaster, the repair will usually be covered. For example, if hail pelts your chimney causing damage, your repairs would be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy.  However, if an earthquake causes your home to shift, which causes cracks or damage to the chimney, your repair would only be covered if you opted to add an additional earthquake endorsement to your homeowner’s policy.

What Chimney Repairs Are Not Covered By Home Insurance?

Natural disasters are covered under your home insurance policy. Simple maintenance, wear and tear and conditions caused by age are not covered. As such, if your home is 50 years old and the bricks are just wearing out, that repair is not covered. Or if your chimney is deteriorating because you have not kept up with properly maintaining it, that repair is not covered.

It is also important to point out that chimney repairs may be needed due to shoddy past chimney repairs or roof repairs. In these cases, your home insurance will not cover the repairs. But, if the company you used was insured, you may be able to file a claim against their liability insurance and have your repair paid for by them.

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Home-Buying Tips for the Single Guy and Gal

Who says you need to be married to purchase a home? According to, single Americans make up more than half of the adult population—and many of them want to create their own version of the American Dream. Contacting a Trusted Choice® agent can be the key to success for single folks who are in the market to purchase a home, but here are some things to consider in the meantime.


The Lone Ranger

Whether you’re single or married, purchasing a home has its challenges. It’s important to be fully armed with information in order to cultivate a plan that works for you.

To start, make a list of your current monthly expenses, take a gander at your savings account and evaluate your personal and professional goals. When you list your monthly expenses, be sure to consider pending expenses. If you’re fresh out of college, you probably haven’t felt the sting of paying student loans every month and going to work every day. If you have only saved enough for a down payment, think again—moving expenses like rental trucks and purchasing new household items can add up quickly.

Finally, don’t forget about life goals outside purchasing a home—if you plan to start a business or retire in three to five years, owning a home should probably be a dream deferred.


Lending a Helping Hand

The majority of homeowners obtain financing through a bank loan. When a married couple applies for a home loan, the bank can depend on two incomes to pay the loan back. But a single person must qualify and handle making the same payments alone. According to, “Banks are not allowed to discriminate based on marital status, but tighter lending standards can potentially pose a challenge to single buyers because they only have their own income to qualify for a loan.”

Before applying for a bank loan, be sure to tighten up your credit, pay off as many debts as possible and save a nice nest egg in order to show the bank that you don’t need another person to help you repay your loan.


Protect Yourself

You will likely need to obtain homeowners insurance in order to secure financing from the bank, but don’t wait until you apply for a loan to get insurance. A Trusted Choice agent can be a valuable resource right from the start by giving you tips and connecting you with lenders, realtors and home inspectors—they work with these people on a regular basis.

Being single doesn’t mean you’re alone. A Trusted Choice Agent is the best partner you can have when you’re ready to buy your dream home