What is personal articles insurance?

With just over 60,000 residents, Marietta, GA is an ideal place for families and single people who want to embrace the small-town feel. Even with the chaos of the city living far away from the quarters of Marietta, though, there is still the potential for tragedy to strike. You want to make certain that your home is covered as well as the possessions inside in such instances. The agents at LG Insurance Group can help you financially protect your personal possessions with personal articles insurance. 

What is personal articles insurance?

Personal articles insurance is indemnity coverage that provides protection for valuable items that may not be covered under a standard home insurance plan. Jewelry is a prime example of what would fall under personal articles insurance as it generally has high value but is also easily lost or stolen. 

The average home insurance plan may not give the full value for lost or stolen jewelry. A personal articles insurance policy will, however, pay for the value of your most valued possessions up to the policy’s limits. 

How does the insurance plan work?

Individuals who file a claim under personal articles coverage will generally receive compensation based on the tenets of their policy agreement. 

Replacement value under a personal articles plan will give policyholders enough to purchase a new version of the lost or stolen item. Meanwhile, actual cash value pays out according to the market value of the lost or stolen item. 

There are some instances in which an insurance company will establish an “agreed value.” This amount is what an indemnity provider will pay regardless of how much an item’s market value depreciates. 

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