Tips for Packing in Marietta, GA

There is little joy in moving beyond actually being moved into your new place and even less joy in packing and unpacking, because it is a slow going, often times frustrating process. Below are some packing tips in the hopes that it will alleviate the stress associated with your overall move, allowing you to get into your place all the more quickly and smoothly.


This will help you keep track of all your stuff you have been packing up, so that you will have less of a chance of losing anything along the way or when you are unpacking and wondering where that one particular item went. Just write it down in a notebook or in your phone so you can clearly keep track of what is where and then refer to it when you are unpacking at your new place.


Insurance is necessary during and after a move, as it will protect the items you are moving, as well as the new place you are moving into. Make sure you set up a home insurance or renters insurance policy with LG Insurance Group who serves the Marrietta, GA area, as they will be sure to help you find a policy to protect your new place and everything inside of it.


Pack books individually in very small boxes, as they tend to be incredibly heavy and hard to move. This way heavy books won’t end up in large boxes, adding unnecessary weight to them and throwing the boxes off balance when they are being carried or transported from point A to point B. Along with your labeling, it will also be clear which boxes contain books and which ones don’t, and where they go in your new place.